When life hits you with a 2×4, you build a shop.

It’s been almost a year since I last posted on my blog. A year. Wow. I have been active on Facebook. I’ve also been sending out my newsletter (if you aren’t subscribed, please check out the link on my home page). So, I’ve been around.

As with everyone, 2020 was a kick in the seat of the pants. Here’s how my 2020 went:

My husband and I started a business just as the world was shut down. I honestly thought it would all be back to normal by summer. Ha.

My mother’s heart gave out in May. She was gone within a week. Her passing was sudden, and fast. My father had died 19 years earlier, so my sister and I sold their house that they’d lived in for the past 40 years (that’s a story in itself). It was nerve-wracking having a vacant house in an area where the police wouldn’t respond to alarms. Luckily, it sold without incident.

We decided it was time to move to the country, so my husband and I bought 10 acres of land about an hour north of where we were living. The house needed a lot of work, so we spent every available moment renovating it when we weren’t doing jobs with our business. Needless to say, we were exhausted.

During this same time, our truck’s engine was killed by a bad oil change. They decided to have our engine rebuilt. It took them from October to January to fix this. Moving without a truck put a big kink in our plans (as did not having a truck during the renovation of the house). I had a Prius, and we were calling it the Priuk. You’d be amazed at what we could get in it!

So at the end of the year we were moved, but still had odds and ends left at the house, and wanted to get it ready to sell. But we still had a lot to do at the new house, and setting up the shop where my husband does his woodworking. Did I mention that’s the shop we built?

Well, now we’re into 2021. I’ll give you this year’s update in another post. I am happy to say things have sort-of slowed down.

I really do have plans to finish Milo and Ryn’s story. I think about it all the time.

So, this post is to let you know I’m still here. I am still writing (at least, in my head). And I DO plan to get the next book out. Then I want to write a short story as a gift for everyone who subscribed to my newsletter. A thank you for sticking around. Maybe I can make them both happen in 2021! Fingers Crossed. Thank you for checking in on my blog! I’ll post another update soon.

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