What hides in the fog?

I told you I’d share my newsletter intro starting back in January. Well, here’s January’s news!

I hope your holidays were everything you wanted. No crazy Uncle Buzz tales; no Aunt Velma eggnog debacles; and no cousin Diane melt downs. We won’t get into sibling issues that didn’t happen, right?

I mentioned in my November newsletter that we were busy working on our new house. I’m happy to say we moved in the week of Christmas. We hired the Austin Firefighter Movers and they were GREAT! I heartily recommend them. Of course, you’d have to live in the Austin, Texas area… But if you need to move, look up firefighter movers in your area.

They are basically off-duty firefighters who work for a moving company to keep in shape and earn some extra money. Our three movers were very professional, master Tetris players with the boxes, and great sports (my husband has a cast-iron table saw that is HEAVY; and we have some antique furniture that is super solid – ie weighs a ton, too – why do you think we hired movers?!).

I did find the Heroes movers (police and first responders), but we ultimately went with the firefighters. Mostly because we’ve worked with them before, and they had a great virtual quote system. The price was pretty close to what was quoted.

Literally days before the move we finished putting in the flooring. We have vinyl plank flooring in most of the house, and boy and I glad we do! It has rained quite a bit in December, and we had mud EVERYWHERE. The vinyl flooring cleaned up like a charm. Plus, it let us have a waterproof floor in the kitchen, bathroom, and by the doors.Here is a photo before we moved in.

In the bedroom we have engineered flooring. We went with Eucalyptus. It looks great, but was one of the most challenging engineered floors I’ve installed. Jury is still out on it. But it isn’t like I’m going to tear it up and redo it. Here is a photo of the engineered floor.

Now that we’ve moved, things have settled down and I should have some time to write soon. It is nice and quiet out here. We get some interesting weather, too. I wanted to share a photo of our front yard one foggy morning… pretty cool! Makes me wonder what’s hiding in the fog… you?

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