Wait, there is a newsletter?

I send a newsletter every month. Well, two actually. But in the first I talk about life and things, then share some books to check out. The second is deals and group specials.

Thanks to the newsletter, I get to talk to a bunch of folks every month. The beauty of technology.

Technology is great, until it isn’t. I had delayed updating the program I use for my newsletter. It was working just fine, so I didn’t feel the need. It seems whenever you update some software, something goes wonky. Really wonky.

Well, it turned out that was a big mistake. There are a lot of pieces to sending out a newsletter, and most of them are in the back side (code side that I don’t understand at all). Because I hadn’t updated my program, the service that actually SENDS the newsletter was getting angry.

But it didn’t tell me. Oh no, it just stopped sending my newsletter. In bits and pieces. Over months. I finally realized this when I got fewer and fewer folks to open my newsletter. The nail in the coffin was when I didn’t get my own newsletter (I’m on my mailing list – mostly so I can double check how it looks when everyone gets it).

So now I’m all WTF?! I went to the forum for the program I use and saw someone made a post about something similar. And I thought, hmm. Now, another reason why I didn’t update the program was it isn’t as simple as buying the latest version. No. There is that CODE stuff again. Like I said, multiple pieces.

I’m lucky, and my husband knows code. But not all code is the same. There are a bunch of code languages. He is fluent in some code languages, but not the one my program uses. So asking him to do his voodoo to make this work is, to me, a big deal. Not that he objected, but this is one of those things I don’t like to ask him to do. Frustrating, time-consuming, aggravating… you name it.

But… my newsletter. It wasn’t being sent! So I bit the bullet and told him the issue. He knows how important it is to me to talk to all my newsletter subscribers, so he rolled up his sleeves, donned his armor, and charged into battle!

My white knight saved the day! He battled the code demons, and beat them into submission. And my newsletter program was updated on the back end, too. Code was done.

Since some of my newsletter subscribers missed my chat, I’m posting my newsletter bits on my blog. You’ll notice a new post every week for a few weeks while as I catch everyone up. The first post will be from January. If you are just now hearing about this newsletter, you can subscribe from my home page.

Well, my newsletter is scheduled to go out today, so I need to get back to it.

Happy reading!

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