Vampires Vs. Werewolves

According to Authors: Vampires vs. Werewolves

It’s an age-old question any paranormal romance or urban fantasy fan has probably spent a disproportionate amount of time thinking about…

Which is better: vampires or werewolves?

A brave team of authors is battling it out this week making their arguments for which supernatural being is the most powerful – and the most fun!

Who will win? Keep reading to find out!

Here we go…

I’m team vampire all the way. Yeah, the whole drinking blood and being dead thing is kind of a downer, but they’re incredibly strong and fast. They never age. And then there’s the power of compulsion…

Meanwhile, while werewolves have their perks, they typically only change during a full moon, leaving them vulnerable when in human form.

L. Danvers, Author of Blood Heirs

Vampires, totally. They tend to be loner symbols, living centuries without being fully a part of the eras they live through. Also they tend to be aristocratic and I like the trappings of that (elegance, beautiful old-fashioned clothes, castles). It’s kinda funny: my best friend is firmly Team Werewolf. We have an agreement: if I get bitten by a vampire, I’ll ask if she wants to be bitten, but if I get bitten by a werewolf, she *definitely* wants me to bite her, and her biting me is exactly the reverse!

Ironically, the works I currently have available are about werewolves. It could’ve been any paranormal being, but frankly I liked the title I came up with for the first one. I plan to introduce vampires to the series later, and other creatures as well.

Lilith Rosetti, Author of Werewolf Proof Fence

I love both! But hey, if a girl has got to choose, I’m team vampire. If I ended up with a vampire boyfriend, I’d rather have one that can go in the sunlight, though. A vampire’s bite is way sexier than being bitten by a wolf. And if I were a vampire, one thing I definitely wouldn’t do is go to high school! I’d travel the world.

Anya J Cosgrove, Author of Lost Boy

I’m team shifter all the way. The idea of an undead lover gives me the creeps. Give me the hot blooded primal male. I follow the shifter lore where they are born that way with the ability to shift whenever they want. It is as normal as breathing to them. I really like the wolves, but the cats have their charms. The bears are pretty cool, too. And lately I’ve discovered honey badgers. Talk about your anti-hero!

Julye Evans, Author of Tiger’s Heart: Nightfair Shifters Series

Woot, team VAMPIRE all the way!!

Cecelia Mecca, Author of The Healer’s Curse

That’s four votes for vampires and one vote for werewolves. Vampires it is!

What would YOU choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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