Uri and the dead cow.

This continues my newsletter intro sharing. This is from March. February was a little… nuts. Well, here you go!

I don’t know what happened to last month. Well, that’s not true, I do. We live in Texas and got hit with “Winter Storm Uri” (according to Google) aka The Great Snowpocolypse.

Everything was shut down for a week. A week of cold, little electricity, and (at the end) no water. But we survived.

We used to live at 7,000 elevation and it snowed every winter. Some years more than others. When we heard it was going to snow here, we were not worried. Then we saw the projected lows.

In our previous home, it didn’t get much below freezing. That’s 32 degrees F (or 0 C). It would stay that way due to the cold, but was pretty stable. For this great storm, our projected low at one time was to be in the negatives (that’s double digit negatives in C). It didn’t get that cold, but it did drop to around 5 (-15 C). At first, they said it would last a day. Then two… then three…

Because we lived where it HAD snowed, we knew a little on how to deal with this. And we had GOOD winter clothes. Except boots. We didn’t have snow boots anymore (we lived here for 13 years and didn’t need them).

Many folks who live around here don’t have good winter clothes. We just DON’T get this kind of weather. The low hits freezing a few days during the year. ONLY a few days. During the ENTIRE year. An entire week of extreme cold with the high below freezing was a bit of a shock to us all. If you live where it regularly gets that cold, you know what it’s like. Imagine that with sweatshirts as your warmest bit of clothing, and no snow boots.

We dripped our faucets and opened the cabinet under the sinks. We never had to do that in our previous home, but it didn’t get that cold there, and the houses were built for colder temps. Even then, we still had our hot water pipe freeze, but warmed it up before it burst.

This house doesn’t have a wood stove or fireplace, something we had intended to add. Now it is on the high end of the to-do list. We lost power off and on, but it never got REALLY cold in the house. We lost water, too, but that was when there was snow, so we gathered snow and boiled it. Plus, I filled up a bunch of containers of drinking water before things got nuts.

Our utility providers need a big pat on the back for all the work they did. We live outside the city, and there are a lot of trees and were lines down. They worked their butts off to get things back up. Water folks, too.

It was not fun. Kinda scary. Lot of damage state wide, and plumbers are now working ragged to fix everyone’s busted pipes. Oh, and a cow died in my neighbor’s yard (cows graze in his yard, but they aren’t his cows). TY Winter Storm Uri. We made it through, and our dog discovered the joy of snow.

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