They Come In Threes

They say bad things come in threes. Well, I think I’ve had mine. At least, I hope so.

The first thing to go wonky was my internet randomly went down Saturday afternoon. Just our internet. Not the neighbors. We knew it wasn’t our router or an issue on our end. Okay, so no internet, no big deal, right? Sure, if we didn’t use it to watch TV or do research for various things that I’m writing. What do you do if the internet goes down? Well, play board games, read books and watch movies. Oh, and yard work. so not all was lost, I guess. It was unexpected, though.

The fun part was we called our provider and put in a work order. The tech could be there Monday afternoon. Well, my husband works from home, so this was an issue, but what could we do? Monday morning came, and by 8:30 a.m. the internet was restored. Huh, I wonder who goofed doing what? Love how they managed to fix it when they all got to work on Monday. What fun. But, at least it was fixed, right?

Second, my credit card was stolen. Well, not really stolen, but my card number was. I get texts when charges are made on my credit card. I get this text and when I look at it, I realize it is not a charge I made. Followed by two others. Someone had stolen my credit card number and was starting a spending spree. I immediately called the credit card company and had them deactivate my card. This is a home rebate card, so the reward is a payment to the principal on my mortgage. This means I use this card for just about everything and pay it off monthly. Losing it sucked. AND I had to go through and figure out what automatic charges are on it so I could change them when I got my new card. Happily I got them to rush me a new card, but still. Annoying, and irritating, but not catastrophic.

The last, and still-on-going is my car. I have a 2007 Prius. I’ve been having issues with it for a while. I thought it was a problem with my key fob. The notable items were sometimes when I pushed the start button to turn it off, it would turn off and back on, resetting the clock and radio (as well as the mileage for the current trip). The doors were slow to lock or unlock, or sometimes took several tries to get to work. I did some research on the internet and read these are possibly issues with your key fob or its battery.

Then, on Sunday, I went to my car, opened the door, and the lights didn’t turn on. The horn wouldn’t honk. Okay… so the battery is dead. But it’s a Prius. It has a 12 volt battery in the back that runs those things. You get to it from the trunk. There is no lock on the trunk, you push a button to open it. But the battery is dead so it won’t open. I crawled through my car, and had to reach in a hole in the door to unlock it. Lovely.

We took the battery to an auto parts store (after testing it on the volt meter) and were told it is low, but they can’t confirm it is dead. They could charge it for us, then test it in a couple hours. Well, we have a trickle charger, so we took the battery home and put it on the charger. We charged it, and the battery is holding. So the battery is fine. Now we are trying to figure out what has gone wrong, and if we can fix it or have to have someone else fix it ($$$).

So, I’m hoping the cosmos counts my internet as the first, because this car issue sucks and I really don’t want something else to be the third. Once we figure it all out, I’ll let you know what happened. Wish us luck!

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