The dragon doesn’t lie

I grew up in Arizona.

From what I read, it is considered to be one of those locations  in the US with no accent. Of course, to someone from the north or south, I’m sure I had an accent because I didn’t sound like them. Overall, I think the point was you couldn’t tell from my accent if I was from Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon… or a number of other states. Maybe.  I guess?

Anyway, now I live in Texas. I’ve lived her for eleven years. If you asked me, I would say I don’t have an accent.

I have been using this dictation software called Dragon. I concluded I must have an accident, because Dragon does some interesting things with my phrases.

For example:

Dragon put: His deep-fried’s voice rumbled across the line.

Really? deep-fried’s voice? It was supposed to be deep voice. Where did the fried’s come from?

Dragon: …that between the look in that statement

Supposed to be: …that between the look and that statement

She would gets turned into Should.

Dragon: … and for a moment you like about the boy

Supposed to be: … and for a moment Eli thought the boy (how did Eli thought become you like about…?)

Ginny is often times Jenny or Jimmy

So yeah, I guess I have an accent.


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