So Much!

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I had decided I’d blog weekly. Great. Wonderful. I looked at my last post, and realized it has been more than a week. Sigh.

I really don’t know where the time goes. I open my eyes and it’s Monday. Then I blink, and it’s Friday.

Now, this week we had a bit going on, so it makes sense. But normally, things aren’t too interesting.

Now, you may be asking what does all this have to do with that great cat picture? Besides the fact I love kitty cats? Well…I took Andi to the vet for her normal exam yesterday.

The vet was examining her, determined she needed two teeth pulled (ouch). Oh, and a bug hopped on her. Andi has fleas. 😶

At first, I was going to share a bug photo. But I like cats better. So that’s why you got the cat picture.

Now, back to my flea issue. My pets are on Advantage Multi (although I’m not great about giving it monthly). So it should stop the fleas. I have to confess, I looked at my notes and I gave it to them in May… then July. So there may have been a touch of a gap.

But the cats HATE having it put on them! So I procrastinate. Well, this time it bit me.

This weekend I get to do a very thorough house cleaning. And I bought Seresto collars for both cats and one of the dogs. The other dog is on Trifexis, which is oral and systemic, not topical, so he should (fingers crossed) be fine.

Wish us luck. As far as we can tell (based on lack of itching), Andi may be the only one with fleas right now. Needless to say, that’s my weekend fun. 😒

And I’ll try to blog more frequently!

One last thing, I have a group on Facebook called The Nightfair Crew. I’m trying to be active in there, and do fun things every day. If you’d like to join, here is the link:

Until next time… happy reading! 😃

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