Snow… in Austin, Texas

I got up this morning and let the dogs out. I had to pause because there were small pieces of something white on the deck. I looked closer, and realized it was snow.

Now, this wasn’t enough snow to even COVER the deck. It was just little lines. Almost like hail. However, for Austin, Texas, that’s a big deal. It typically does NOT snow here.

Several hours later I looked outside on the deck again, and it was covered in snow. Again, not a full cover, but there are white bits all over the deck. Not enough to shovel, or even sweep off.

And now, as I type this, it is seriously snow/hailing. I went out and took a picture. It was in the 60s just a day ago. Notice the green grass?

That snow is big pieces. We can’t have lovely light fluffy bits of snow. No, we have to have chunks of frozen ice. Well, you know the saying. “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

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