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I went to the dentist yesterday. I am pretty good about going, and when I went in January they were worried about a “dark spot” on my x-ray. Um, okay.

So when I went in July, they took another x-ray and informed me the dark spot was getting worse, and was a cavity I need to have filled.

Let me just say that I’m not a fan of the dentist. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE my dentist, but I don’t like going there.

When I was a kid, I had a small mouth, and the stupid things they put behind your teeth when you got an x-ray were too big for me and always cut painfully into my jaw. So, that was one ouch.

Then, when it was time for my adult teeth to come in, my baby teeth were still quite happy where they were, thank you very much. So I had to have several teeth pulled.

This involved a large needle being stuck into your cheek and gum. Needless to say, that hurt. I got to the point where I knew I needed the numbing, but I hated the needle.

They’d ask me if I could still feel when they jiggled my tooth. I hated the shot so much, I’d say no. I figured the little pain I felt upon extraction was nothing compared to the shot (I was young, okay? But I was also right).

Now, as an adult, I really dread going. Not anxiety-type dread, but still dread. In fact, I went for several years where I didn’t go at all.

I finally forced myself to start going, and go twice a year like you’re supposed to. When the dentist says I need something done, I don’t want to have it done, but I also know that cavities get worse. When he said I needed a filling, I knew I should have it taken care of before it turned into something truly horrid.

One thing they do now, that they didn’t do when I was a kid (or at least, my dentist does), is put a swab with a topical numbing solution on it in your mouth where the needle is going to go. Thanks to this, I don’t feel the needle stabbing into my cheek. I feel a little of the numbing solution moving about, but it isn’t really painful. More of a sting.

Overall, getting the filling yesterday wasn’t too horrid of an experience. But my mouth now hurts just a touch. It is a dull ache. I’m not sure if it is the tooth, or the gum. I know this too shall pass, and it could be so much worse. Still, I’m going to whine about it until then. Ouch.

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