Lost in Fairyland

I realized I haven’t posted anything on my blog since 1/8 when I talked about the bread I was making.

I looked at the calendar and saw today was 1/25. What the heck happened to January?

Now, I have been busy working on Tiger’s Secret Desire. My deadline with my editor is looming. But to suddenly realize it has been WEEKS since I posted… SMH.

I’ve concluded I must have been abducted by aliens, or sucked into Fairyland.

Speaking of… we watch Ancient Aliens and lately we’ve been watching old episodes as we go to sleep. Now, I know that may sound odd, but other than the unique content, it is actually pretty soothing. No loud bangs or booms, and we watch it on HULU, so no ads either.

Anyway, in one of the episodes I was watching before I fell asleep they were talking about how perhaps the ones called the fae were actually ALIENS…

Food for thought, right?

Well, on that note, I’m diving back into Tiger’s Secret Desire.

For those of you who are experiencing winter like we are, you all keep warm. And those who are having summer, keep cool. I’ll talk to you soon!

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