Learning to Listen

I sit down to write, and I hesitate. I know what my outline says is to happen next, but something pulls me back.

This has happened before. I figured out later that I was going in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, I don’t always listen to myself, and later end up deleting all that I wrote.

This time I’m working on listening to that inner voice. So I stopped, and switched to research mode. There are so many ways to organize yourself, it can become overwhelming. But the biggest thing is your story has to have all the right elements to be a good story. Something people want to read.

I found an interesting outline book called “Take off Your Pants.” I started it, and got 35% of the way through. Something in the book set off a spark, and I went back to writing, figuring out where I wanted to go, and what was going wrong. Or maybe I started listening to my characters . . .

Anyway, this wrong direction put me back a bit, but I’m still plugging away. I’m working hard to make sure my short story – which will be a gift to those who sign up for my newsletter – will still be done on-time.

This post was going to be something different, but when I went looking for a photo, I saw this tiger. Since the shifters in my current story are tigers, I thought the photo was appropriate.

Back to writing!

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