Just a Game

Here is another snippit from Bear’s Perfect Match (unedited and rough draft).

“What was up with the … game we were playing earlier?” Ginny ground out. Not that game was the best way to describe the frustrating exercise that left her sweaty and irritated.

At his puzzled expression, she went on, “where you had me chase you around the building.”

She had to resist the urge to visibly wince. She hadn’t meant to say that. Oh well, maybe I will get an answer now.

A slow smile crossed his annoyingly attractive face. “Fun, wasn’t it?”

His shit-eating grin was wickedly sexy and her pulse kicked up, much to her chagrin. As irritating as he was, she couldn’t stop the spark of awareness that also piqued her bear’s curiosity. She was suddenly extremely aware how his tattoo emphasized the defined muscles of his arm. His tight tank top clearly hugged his sculpted chest, and her fingers itched to lift the hem of his shirt and run over his skin.

Her burning anger had been the only thing that kept her eyes off his ass as she followed him in the restaurant. Get a grip.

All the reasons why she could not, would not, get involved with him warred with her body’s need to touch him. Focus, Virginia.

“It really was just a game? You weren’t being irritating on purpose?”

“What else would it be?” He said, sounding, and looking, pleased with himself.

There was something about cocky smile that made her think it was just a game, but he also was just that irritating.

All shifters were combination of their human self and their shifter self. Just as not all bears are the same, she didn’t expect all honey badgers to be the same, either. But they still all shared some similar traits. She knew what to expect from bears, wolves and tigers.

All she knew about honey badgers was that everyone said don’t mess with them, and whatever you do, don’t get them angry and fight with one. They were said to be reclusive, and she was just starting to realize how reclusive, and possibly why. Especially if that was his idea of play. Irritating mayhem, best to be avoided at all costs.

“A game,” she muttered under her breath. “You know, most people let someone know when they’re playing with them.”

“I did,” Eli said looking around the room. “Wasn’t someone supposed to bring us stew?”

“When?” Ginny said.

“I don’t know,” Eli said looking at her, “but I thought soon. I’m hungry.”

“What are you talking about?” Ginny said shaking her head. “And when did you let me know you were playing with me?”

“When I let you catch my sent and didn’t bite you,” Eli said, looking at her with his eyebrows up in surprise. “How else?”

Ginny silently counted to ten and prayed for patience.

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