If a fun toy is going to wander by…

Andi when she was a kitten.

I know I’ve shared pet stories with you before. Well, today I have a new one.

We have a dog door. That means the cats go in and out just like the dogs. When we first brought Max (one of the cats) home, we tried to keep him in the house.

Our dog door is electronic, and the animal has to wear the key to go in and out. We thought if we didn’t give Max a key, he’d stay in. Right? Wrong.

Max would wait by the door and jump out under the dog’s legs. Then he’d be stuck outside. Short of holding him as the dogs went in and out, that cat was going out that door, thank you very much!

We finally gave in and got Max his own key. When Andi moved in with us, we trained her to wear a collar as a kitten. Once she was a bit older, she got her key, too. Now both cats have keys on their collars. It is about the size of a mini chocolate bar.

Fast forward to now. Andi likes to go outside. She loves to lay in a shady spot on the deck, or under the deck.

She’s a lazy cat, and a bit overweight. She weighs 13 pounds (and should be maybe 10 pounds). Yet, she is really good at catching things.

And when she catches them, she brings them in to share, which I think I’ve told you before.

Well, lately she’s found catching snakes to be a fun pastime. She brings them in and calls out while the toy is in her mouth, so the call is muffled. This is a clear announcement to me that she has a toy and I need to come and catch it.

This afternoon she made her muffled call, I went running into the dining room, and there she was. With a HUGE snake. This rat snake had to be at least two feet long, and thicker than my finger.

We usually catch her toys in a 24 oz yogurt container and release them outside. There was no way it was going to fit in that! So I called my husband for help, and he used a five gallon bucket to catch the snake and release it outside while I held a box behind it so it only had one direction to go: the bucket.

But here’s the deal. Andi is a fat, lazy cat. She doesn’t go chasing after things. I figure the only way she caught that snake was by pure luck. It was doing its business and moving on past what it thought was a rock under the deck.

Her little gold eye opened up, tracked that fun new toy, and as it wandered on past, she sat up and grabbed it in the middle. The she proudly brought the wiggling, squirming snake into the house.

And brought it in for us to enjoy, too. Given the way we raced around to catch it, I’m sure she felt her mission was accomplished. Fun times were had by all.

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