Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

I admit, I like to write. I like telling a story. That’s what brings me here, today, talking to you. I’ve said it before, telling the story is just the first part. The next comes when you go in and edit and make sure the story makes sense, is engaging and has conflict.

And after the joy of writing comes the editing. I have concluded editing is truly the time sink. It is what keeps authors from putting out book after book after book. But even in editing I am finding joy. I missed bits (not so good) but I get to add them! So far I’ve reworked the first chapter (as I mentioned before), and am reworking the second chapter. I get to write!

As I work on the flow and add the missing parts, ideas are coming. This is great, right? Maybe. I need to be careful not to rewrite the book. If I rewrite it, I have to go back and edit the rewrite, right? And if I rewrite the rewrite…..

I need to be careful not to get into an endless loop. Happily, I learned long ago that I can’t hold onto something forever or it will never get done. So, I plan to finish editing the next 20 pages and go back and review. Flesh out the next batch, go back and review. Then I’ll do a final read. I have some folks willing to read it and give me their opinion. After that, to a professional editor. Then, off to find an agent while I work on the next one.

Two more books are tugging in my brain in this series, one is partially written. Sometimes my ideas start with the characters, other times with the stories. The one partially written has its basic story idea. The other just has the characters. I need to figure out their story. You will meet them in the first book.

Thank you for joining me on this journey as I work on my first book. I look forward to writing for you for many years to come.