How to Successfully Defend Your Territory

I try to blog every week. Keep you updated about what’s going on. I tell you what’s on my mind and continue on.

I didn’t get to blog last week, and I apologize. Last week I had a headache that wouldn’t quit. Well, I had a migraine that wouldn’t quit. Let me tell you, looking at a bright computer screen (even with sun glasses on) with a splitting headache is no bueno. So, I spent a lot of time lying in bed with a cold compress. I left a message at the doctor’s on Thursday, not sure what to do.

Thursday night (or really Friday morning) at around 1:00 a.m. the headache FINALLY ebbed away. Friday the doctor called and gave me a prescription to break the migraine cycle. Doesn’t it always work that way….

So, I started today’s post talking about word counts and page counts, and concluded it was dry as dust. Instead, I’ll share pet stories with you. We have two big dogs, two cats and one Senegal parrot, so we have a lot of stories.

We’ve had the parrot, Nikki, since he was able to eat solid food, and he’s 17 years old now. He knows he is the bomb, and doesn’t hesitate to tell the cats and dogs who the boss is. He wields his beak to wicked efficiency.

He has a cage that has a bottom shelf to catch the droppings and discarded food (parrots are MESSY eaters). Max, the cat (who is 5 and we’ve had since he was 12 weeks old), decided Nikki looked interesting. Max periodically decides Nikki is interesting, mostly when he’s bored. So Max goes up to Nikki’s cage, puts his front two paws on the bottom shelf and Nikki goes racing down, his territory invaded!

The next thing I know, Max is acting like he’s holding a hot potato as Nikki is biting Max’s toes. Max pulls off one paw to get it out of the way, and Nikki goes to bite the other paw. This does not last long before Max decides there is easier prey in the world.

His territory successfully defended once again, Nikki goes back up to the top of his bird cage to cheerfully tear up the newspaper I have lining the bottom of the upper tray. Because he is so fierce, even if he flies off his cage and lands on the floor, the other pets leave him alone. If they do approach him when he’s off his territory an vulnerable on the floor, he flares his wings and opens his beak in threat, and they back off. Just picture a 60 pound dog backing away from an 8 inch tall bird….