Excerpt from Tiger’s Heart

I’ve decided to share an excerpt from Tiger’s Heart, the short story I’m working on. My editor has not gone over it, so you may find typos.

I hope you enjoy!

Jace drained his shot and slammed the glass down on the bar. The satisfying thunk did little to ease his frustration. Everything had gone wrong that possibly could. Even this job was taking a turn to the south. Well, it wasn’t really a job. More like a favor. But still.

The noise of the conversations and laughter of the other patrons washed over him, mixing with the pulsing beat of the music from the band to blend together into a mass of sound. It was impossible for him to listen in on individual conversations with all the commotion. Not that he needed to. He didn’t need to hear his target. Only to find and extract her.

The deafening sounds didn’t bother him as much as the mixture of scents. The various perfumes fought with the aftershaves creating an unpleasant chemical soup. At least, for a shifter’s sense of smell. Body odor overwhelmed the various deodorants. On top of it all the burn of alcohol reigned, underscored by the ever-present whiff of vomit.

No matter what bar he went to, they all shared that same mix of scents. His enhanced shifter senses recoiled against the odor every time. Despite his deliberate choice to be here, he still repressed a snarl of irritation at the smells.

Shifter owned bars knew how to neutralize the scents. That wasn’t the only difference from human bars. They also never played music this loud. If given the choice, that’s where he’d be. Why on earth was Caleb’s sister here? No shifter in their right mind would voluntarily go to a place like this. If the information had come from anyone else, he would have thought they were wrong. But not Caleb. If he said Eileen was here, then he had to find her. Soon. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could stand being in this place.

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