Enough is enough!

So I’ve told you all I am working on a short story. I’ve re-written it three times. This is it. Last time. No more re-writing. Once I finish it, off to my beta readers for feedback. Then, to my editor! I tried to find a photo of an angry cat. Like it’s saying NO MORE. I found an angry tiger instead.
On another note, about a year ago I wrote a full-length novel. This was before I started co-authoring. I realized that with a few tweaks, that novel fits into the world I’m currently writing.
However, it needs edits. That’s do-able, though. This means I might be able to have it up for you all to read in less than a month.
Last bit of exciting news, I am working with a cover artist on the covers for these first two books. As soon as they are done I will share, I’m super excited about them!

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