It is not unusual for me to dream about the book I'm writing, especially if I get "stuck" somewhere, or am working on a scene. I go to bed, and the answer comes to me while I sleep.

I write Paranormal Romance, and that's what I read, along with fantasy. Here's the kicker. Last night I had a horror novel dream. I don't read horror (my imagination gets too carried away and I'm scared for days). Yet, clear as day, the opening to a horror novel hit me.

Of course, I wrote it down, but since I don't read horror (I haven't since I read 1/3 of Pet Cemetery by King when I was 16), it is unlikely I will ever turn it into a book. But I've learned not to ignore dream stories. If I don't write it down, it sits in the back of my brain, distracting me.

So, you may be thinking I saw a horror movie, and that triggered the dream. Sorry to disappoint, but not so much. The last horror movie I watched was over twenty years ago.

I will admit that my dream played in my mind played like I was watching a movie. It wasn't a nightmare - all in third person (just like watching a movie).

I can't get over how vivid it was, too. It woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep for an hour.

Is the universe telling me I should try to write horror?!

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