Do you see what you think you do?

I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook and came across this article. It actually was a link from a link, so I don’t know how I got there, or how to get back, or I’d share.

The article was about how some pictures are taken. These are the “no way” photos. The ones you look at and truly wonder how they did it.

Some were simple, like “underwater photos” had a guy on the floor, and there was a glass box full of water above him, and the camera shot him “under water” literally. It never said he was IN the water.

There were a couple really cool ones of couples (looked like wedding photos). They were kissing in front of this amazing background, and it looked like there was this giant lake in front of them, with their reflection in the lake. You looked at it and wondered how on earth the photographer got close enough to actually take the picture. The next photo showed the truth. The photographer found this tiny puddle, laid on the ground, and shot the picture that way, with the tiny puddle holding the reflection of the couple.

I think the coolest one was of this woman who looked completely naked, curled up (so you saw side-skin), floating in the air. Her hair was held up by three tiny paper-birds (so it looked like the tiny paper birds were flying her through the air). When they backed it all out and showed you how it was done, the woman was wearing a string-bikini and was on a tiny stool. To get her hair, they took three shots with a guy holding the paper bird and her hair. They must have edited out the stool, bikini, and guy holding the hair.

Aren’t optical illusions so cool?

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