Can’t Win

I like to have water at my desk. I usually have a plastic cup. My cats felt my plastic cup was a great source of water, too, and would cheerfully drink out of it.

If you’ve ever had a glass that JUST the cats drink out of, you will notice that it gets things floating in it. Little bits of something. Not sure what. In any case, not something I want to drink.

Now I have a small jelly jar with water on my desk for my cats. It gets refilled and washed regularly. Most times the cats leave my glass alone, in favor of theirs.

And then there are the days that Ms. Andi-kitty comes up, daintily sips out of her glass, then also has to drink out of mine. You know, just to make sure it’s good, too. And she usually does this when my glass has JUST been filled. Sigh.

In an effort to answer this, I put a lid on my plastic cup and use a straw. Safe, right? Wrong.

Now the issue is General Maximus likes to chew on straws. Especially if they are in glasses.

Andi drinks out of my glass if it isn’t covered. Max chews on my straw if it is.

Some days you just can’t win.

Then they come along, rub their little heads against you, and purr. Of course all is forgiven. How could it not be?

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