I decided I wanted to try to make sourdough bread. Mainly because it is kinda expensive at the grocery store and we really like it.

Not sure if you have made sourdough bread, but you have to begin with a “starter.” You can buy them, or make one yourself.

I decided to make one. This involves mixing yeast, flour and water, and letting it sit in a warm room for days. You stir once a day. It is supposed to bubble and start to ferment.

The first one I made was meh. It didn’t really bubble or do the things it was supposed to do. I made a loaf anyway and it was okay, but not tangy like good sourdough should be.

So I found another recipe and made a second starter. This one bubbled and fermented and came out pretty good. After four days, I couldn’t wait anymore.

So I made a loaf of bread. It said to split the dough into two loaves. My husband took half and made cinnamon rolls. With my half I made this GIANT loaf.

I’ll be honest, I was kinda amazed at its size. I took a photo with a ruler so you could see how huge it is. The marks on top are the scores. You put those in before you bake it. The dough tore as I was cutting it. I was going for some cute X marks. Instead I got… butterflies?

You can see where we cut into it. The crust is crunchy, and the inside is nice and soft. I will keep feeding the starter, and see what the next loaf comes out like. Although, with the size of this one, I probably won’t be making it for a week!

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