Nightfair Shifters

A kiss. A touch. A… Frying Pan?

Research scientist Tamsin Carter is close to finding a cure to a rare shifter disease, one she has.

When offered an unbelievable career opportunity, Tamsin takes it without question and won’t let anything — or anyone — get in her way.

Not even the hot tiger shifter whose kisses make her inner panther purr.

Nightfair mercenary Chris O’Neal loves to get under Tamsin’s skin — but has yet to get in her bed.

When Tamsin’s sister tells Nightfair she’s missing, his tiger goes crazy.

Could his connection to the dusky beauty be more than skin deep?

Chris finds Tamsin and he tells her he’s there to rescue her. She thinks he has got to be kidding. But a series of suspicious disappearances and violent incidents leads her to believe someone is out to get her.

Together they must solve the mystery before someone dies and will use every resource available. Even a frying pan.

Is there more between them than just heat and fire, or will the mysterious foe tear them apart before they can find out?

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She follows the rules … he breaks them.

When someone starts attacking loner shifters, Nightfair mercenary and bear shifter Ginny Coleman goes undercover to investigate.

She has to pretend to be the mate of a sexy, stubborn honey badger shifter who doesn’t seem to care about anything.

If she can’t find a way to work with him, her mission will fail…and failure is not an option.

Eli Thomas is a loner with no ties and he likes it that way.

When an old debt is called in, he has no choice to but work with the infuriating dark-skinned bear shifter beauty.

Compromise isn’t in his vocabulary, and he’s not looking for a mate, even if she does invade his dreams and make his heart race.

She isn’t sure what’s harder – pretending to be a loving mate to the world’s most annoying honey badger, or fighting her attraction to him.

Either way, innocent lives are on the line and Nightfair mercenaries don’t quit until the job is finished.

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Handsome, heroic, mysterious … and bossy.

That’s all Danni knows about the man who saves her. With murderous gunmen on her trail, she has to run, hide, or figure out who they are before they kill her.

As a shapeshifter mercenary, Mac is used to dangerous situations. Gunmen? Chaos? Just another Tuesday. However, he never expected to fall for the feisty damsel he just rescued.

Nightfair mercenaries do not take kindly to threats against those under their protection, especially potential mates. The men after Danni have no idea of the beast they’ve awoken within Mac.

Mac is a Nightfair mercenary, and they always take care of business.

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Stalkers and secrets can kill…

A tiger shifter, Eileen Donnovan is used to handling her own problems. When a powerful member of her pack starts stalking her, she has nowhere to turn. If she tells anyone about his attention, her family will be in danger.

Jace Peters never imagined doing a favor for Caleb Donnovan, his best friend, would turn into a life-altering event. When the tiger shifter meets Caleb’s sister, Eileen, she immediately intrigues—and attracts—him.

Something’s going on with her, and if he doesn’t solve that mystery soon, more than just this tiger’s heart could be at stake.

He must protect her at all costs. Trust is hard to build, but keeping secrets could destroy them both.

Jace is a Nightfair mercenary, and they always take care of business.

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