Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

I admit, I like to write. I like telling a story. That’s what brings me here, today, talking to you. I’ve said it before, telling the story is just the first part. The next comes when you go in and edit and make sure the story makes sense, is engaging and has conflict. And after […]

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Habits of the Space

Over the years I’ve developed many habits. I’m sure you have, as well. Some habits are good (like eating healthy). Other habits aren’t. When I learned to type, I was taught to ALWAYS put two spaces at the end of your sentence. No one explained the WHY, it was simply what I was taught. When […]

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Writing Progress

When writing a book, I initially thought writing would be the hard part. I did research on writing, ways to jog thoughts, come up with ideas, how to beat writer’s block. Then I sat down to write. I found out some things about myself. I’m not a plotter, but a pantser. What does that mean? […]

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