Best. Show. Ever!

Dark Matter TV Show image from Alcatron

We had Netflix years ago, back when they sent you DVDs in the mail. We got one at a time and watched them on Saturday night.

It was great, perfect. Then we got busy and canceled our plan. Things slowed down and when I went to re-activate our plan and catch up on all the movies we missed, they’d changed to streaming.

At the time, we couldn’t really stream. It was slow. Clunky. Not fun.

Things have changed, and now we can stream without an issue, so we picked up Netflix again. At first, it was because I wanted to watch a movie that was only on Netflix.

Then we found out some cool shows were coming to Netflix, so we kept the subscription.

One night my husband was surfing around and discovered this Space Opera. Dark Matter. So we sat down and watched it.

I have to tell you… BEST. SHOW. EVER.

If you haven’t checked it out, do so. Now. But be warned. It will suck you in and it will be hard to tell it to stop because you have to go to bed.

The character development is GREAT. The story-lines are wonderful.

The only bad thing… it was only three seasons. It was on SyFy and they decided NOT to renew it, despite great ratings and a loyal fan base.

Seriously, my husband, who LOVES Battlestar Galactica, actually said it rivaled it! It isn’t as dark and serious as BSG, but it is as great.

So, that’s what we’ve been doing in the evenings. Then we went to the writer’s blog and read what he had planned for season four. It was THAT good.

If you like sci-fi stories, go check out this Redemption Space Opera. You won’t be sorry. Go on. Look it up. Dark Matter.

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