All in the name of research…

Image from Pexels

I have a closed group on Facebook. I post something every day. Some days we play games. Other days I share images.

For one of those days I was searching for photos of hot guys. If you want to know why, you’ll need to join my group. 😁

It struck me as amusing that I was browsing photos of guys for a FB group.

What I also found interesting was how many of them were in their skivvies. Or they appeared naked with very limited covering.

I am not sure why there are so many photos of guys in their tighty-whities. One that was of particular note had a front and back photo. The back had cutouts over his butt cheeks. The front was a g-string tight to his package (but it at least was covered).

Another was wearing a g-string full of holes. Like Swiss cheese. The important bits were covered, but still… made me shake my head.

The research authors do!

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