A New Week

Last week I wrote about how things were going. I thought I should let you know that the gremlins in my car seem to have moved on (knock on wood).

We charged the auxiliary battery, put everything back together and the car is working. Hopefully it was simply a case of one of the connections coming a bit loose. I did discover a “secret” way to check the battery status through the car’s interface. My husband pointed out it can’t be so secret if I found it on the internet. That’s true, but it isn’t in the user’s manual, and you have to push an un-marked place on the car’s touch screen. I’m calling it secret, and grin each time I put in the secret code.

On the writing front, I sent the rough draft of my free story to my alpha reader. She reads it before anyone else, so she’s the alpha, lol. Anyway, she said she kept waiting for something to happen. To me, that means I don’t have enough tension and conflict. So, I’m doing some revising. Some of what I’ve written I’ll keep, but other bits need to be thrown out (sigh). Such is the nature of writing.

I’m not discouraged, though. The challenge is to keep the story short. But if it is short but boring, no one will read it. So I’m working on adding in some action. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

On a similar note, I’m working on finding a good cover for this story. There are pre-made covers you can purchase but all the ones I’ve looked at haven’t been QUITE right. I don’t have the skills to design it myself (although working on that is next on my list). Yes, the free story will be e-book only, but it still needs a cover.

Last week I also shared an opportunity for a free mentorship on my Facebook page. I didn’t win, but am super excited that an author-friend of mine did! You may wonder why we’d be interested in something like that. Simple – just like anything else, you want to learn and grow. Every person has strengths and weaknesses. A mentor can help you get stronger.

Enough for this week’s update. Back to “Off Limits” (the current title for my free story – although it has changed four times. I’m hoping this one will stick). Talk to you later!


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