A long walk

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. It was hot and hotter here in Austin Texas (around 100 degrees). So, of course my hubby and I decided to resurface our sidewalk. Actually, we had it planned. He took some time off work to get it done.

I know that sounds crazy, and it was, a bit. In hindsight, he should have taken time off later in the year, but oh well. The photo is what it looked like after the concrete was poured and stamped. We then got to staining it on Sunday. When it is done, it will look like natural stone.

It still isn’t finished. I will share a photo of the completed project.

In any case, we worked in the morning until about 1:00, then took a break to run errands, get lunch, that kind of fun stuff. We were back out at about 5:30 or so and worked until dark.

Needless to say, it was exhausting. I get migraines, and getting overheated can trigger them. So, I had a nasty migraine on Friday, and a light one on Saturday. Sunday was staining and not lifting pounds of sand and mixing concrete, so it wasn’t so bad. I’m happy to report no headache on Sunday.

However, the work (and the heat) were exhausting, so I got no writing done. I’m hoping to bang out a bunch of chapters in Bear’s Perfect Match this week. I though a lot about my up-coming scenes (when the heat wasn’t baking my brain). Wish me luck!


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