A cat’s world and honey badgers

I’m mentioned my cats before. The orange one is Max, and the tortie (multi-colored) is Andi. This is a rare photo of them sharing the dog bed. Typically only one is in that bed. Max likes to stretch out and take up the entire space.

I do have dogs, but they aren’t as interesting as my cats, so you don’t get many stories about them.

Case in point… Andi used to have a special call when she brought in a “toy.” This was normally a lizard I needed to rescue, or a bug of some sort (grasshoppers are of great interest to her). When she made that particular call, I rushed over to see what needed saving. Let’s be honest, I didn’t want the “toys” loose in my house, and the sooner I found them, the better!

Then, her toys morphed into pieces of paper on the table. Lately she made the call for this hand-pad that has a brush-like side that I use to pet / groom her. She’ll bat at it so it slides off the table and onto the floor… great fun.

However, those calls over the paper and the hand-pad are “calling wolf.” Not a real toy. Yet, because it could be a snake (yes, she’s brought those in!), mouse (those too…), lizard, or bug, I still have to go check it out.

Now Max, on the other hand, he brings in snacks, not toys. I only know he’s come in with something because he starts growling, warning all to stay away.

I am usually unable to save his snacks. He brings them in and promptly eats them. He will bring in birds, too. He eats everything but a few feathers and an occasional organ (fun times cleaning that up!).

One night I heard a new call from Andi. She was making that “mad cat” rrooowwwl noise. The one you hear when cats fight. I went running to see what was happening and saw her on inside the house right by the dog door, and a strange cat on the outside, right by the door!

I flipped on the back porch light to see better, and the other cat ran away. We have an electronic dog door, and it was locked, so Andi wasn’t able to follow. If we had a different door, that cat would probably have come on in!

Last night I heard Andi make that same noise, so I rushed to see what was happening. Max was right by the window, staring out and Andi was in the middle of the dining room, also staring at the window. My guess is we had an uninvited guest in the back yard.

I turned on the light and went outside Kenobi (one of our dogs) followed me. I figured if something was out there, Kenobi would go chasing it. But, as is often true of dogs, he didn’t chase something when I wanted him to, and just stood there staring at me.

In any case, I have no idea what our visitor was, but it did make me think of strange things that go bump in the dark. Or, you know… shifters.

Right now I’m writing about the honey badgers, and it made me grin to think that maybe a honey badger shifter was sneaking through my back yard.

2 thoughts on “A cat’s world and honey badgers

  1. I have 3 kitkats but only 2 of them brings in their “friends” into play. Lizzards,frogs, snakes, rats or mice with an occasional bird! They like to take them into bathtub to play with them until it is dead and then eats most of the snacks leaving usually the head for my Hubby to clean up. They used to play with the rats that they catch in the kitchen but not anymore beause my Scottish Terrier “Liam” would just kill them right of the bat. We have a doggy door so they all go in and out and bring all the play toys they want. We live in a small coasta to lots of trees. I don’t mind as long as I don’ have to clean it up! Thats what husbands are for! Lol

    1. Ah, the joys of a dog door. That’s what we have, too.

      We’ve not gotten the frogs yet, nor the rats. We have had some small creatures I think are voles, and mice. My dogs ignore the cat toys, unfortunately, but they are big dogs. Of course, then I have this image of the dogs, cats, and ME chasing some poor rodent and all the chaos that would ensue!

      I typically clean up the dead bits that are left… Hubby’s job around her is to catch the still living critters and free them, lol. Especially the snakes!

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